Training in Reference Management

The Clinical Epidemiology Unit conducts Reference management workshops for beginners held 4 times a year. This is aimed at enabling health professionals to manage references while writing a protocol or manuscript.

Who would benefit from attending the workshop?

Faculty and undergraduate or post-graduate students who are starting or pursuing a research project and are in need to learn literature search and reference management can attend this workshop

Venue: Clinical Epidemiology Unit (Basement, ASHA building), Christian Medical College, Vellore

Duration: 1 day

Content of the workshop:

  • What is a reference?
  • What are the reference styles?
  • How do you manage references?
  • How to do a basic literature search using Pubmed, Cochrane and TRIP database?
  • Advanced literature search
  • Use of Zotero software to manage references

Interested?  Please look at the Calendar for dates.