Training in Data management

The Clinical Epidemiology Unit offers Database and data management workshops for beginners held 3 times a year. This workshop is aimed at  is aimed at enabling health professionals to understand the need for credible data in research and the modalities to create one.

Who would benefit from attending the workshop?

Faculty and students who are starting a new research project and need to learn database creation skills can attend this workshop

Venue:   Clinical Epidemiology Unit (Basement, ASHA building), Christian Medical College, Vellore

Duration: 1 day 

Content of the workshop:

  • What is a data? What is a database? What is a data dictionary?
  • How do I make a Clinical Research form?
  • How do I prevent data entry errors?
  • Learn Epidata 3.1 software
  • Exporting data to SPSS/PSPP/Stata
  • Principles of data management
  • Basic use of PSPP

Interested?  Please look at the Calendar for dates