Short Course in Biostatistics – Sample Size Caluculation

This course is intended to train people to Calculate Sample Size required in different research areas, in a simpler manner to researchers who are in need. The idea of this training program is to introduce a number of basic concepts and techniques that should allow the participants to get started with Sample Size.

This course is also planned to introduce the software nMaster 2.0 which has been self developed by us. This software has been developed with all necessary formulae. The Sample size Practical’s will be carried out using this software. The course is targeted towards researchers of varied profession such as biostatistics, medicine, public health, life science, social science,nursing, epidemiology etc., The participants should have basic knowledge in computers.

Course Fee : Rs. 4,500/- (Inclusive of 18% GST)

Participants will have to bear their own expenses for travel, boarding and lodging. The
Organizers will provide Course kit, Lunch and Snacks. However, the organizers may arrange basic accommodation with A/C facility in the college campus on request. Only limited accommodation is available in the campus and priority will be given to the female

Course Fee should be paid in full by June 28, 2019.Payment can be made by Demand Draft in favor of “Christian Medical College Vellore
Association Account”, payable at Vellore.

Course Fee should be paid in full by June 28, 2019.

Payment can be made by Demand Draft in favor of “Christian Medical College Vellore Association Account”, payable at Vellore.

The cost of the nMaster software is fixed for Rs.2500/- for Academic / Government institutions and Rs.5000/- for Commercial. However, those who would participate in this workshop from the Academic / Government institutions, a concession price is Rs.1500/- and Commercial is Rs.4000/-.

Please use the attached “Application Format” for registration to be sent, along with the required Demand Draft (DD).

Note: After Registration if cancelled the course fee will not be refunded. The number of participants for each course is limited to 45 and admission will be purely on first come first served basis.

Please bring your Laptop for practical work.

Course Content

Introduction: Necessity for Sample Size, Basics concepts like alpha error, beta error, Power, Effect size, Confidence Intervals, One sided or two sided test, Equivalence or Non inferiority Margin, Dropouts will be introduced.

Means: Estimating single mean, hypothesis testing of 2 & >2 means (paired and unpaired samples, repeated measurements, ANCOVA)

Proportions: Estimating a single proportion, hypothesis testing of two proportions (equal & unequal) match paired designs

Agreement: Kappa, Intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC)

Diagnostic test: Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, Positive & Negative likelihood ratios

Regression methods: Simple correlation & regression, simple & multiple logistic regressions

Survival analysis : Log-rank test, Cox regression, Exponential survival curves

Cluster design: Estimation (continuous and binary), comparison of means, proportions and incidence rates (matched & unmatched)

Clinical Trials: Equivalence/Non Inferiority trials Paired & unpaired tests for means and proportions

Epidemiology methods: Cohort, unmatched and matched case-control studies

Address for communication

Mr. M. MadhanKumar / Mr. Sasikumar
Clinical Epidemiology Unit,
Christian Medical College, Vellore 632 004.
Phone: (0416) 2282329, 2282759

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