Description: The Clinical Epidemiology Unit is dedicated to improving the health of the people by promoting clinical practice based on the best evidence of effectiveness and the efficient use of resources. As part of its efforts towards capacity-building among health professionals to manage references while writing the protocol or the manuscript, Reference management workshops for beginners are held 4 times a year.

Who would benefit from attending the workshop?

Faculty and undergraduate or post-graduate students who are starting or pursuing a research project and need to learn reference management can attend this workshop

Venue:   Clinical Epidemiology Unit (Basement, ASHA building), Christian Medical College, Vellore

Duration: 1 day,  March 6th, 2020,  Friday,   9.00 am to 4:00 pm

Cost: INR 800/- per person

Registration form click here

Payments for participants from CMC: Please transfer the registration fees to account number 22C230  and forward the copy of the letter sent to the Treasurer to

Clinical Epidemiology Unit
Basement, ASHA building, Christian Medical College,
Bagayam, Vellore 632 002
Tamil Nadu, India.
Tel: 0416 2282329

Course faculty : Prof. Thambu David,   Richard Kirubakaran,  Jabez Paul Barnabas

Content of the workshop:

  • What is a reference?
  • What are the reference styles?
  • How do you manage references?
  • How to do a basic literature search using Pubmed, Cochrane and TRIP database?
  • Advanced literature search
  • Use of Zotero software to manage references

How to prepare for the workshop?

  • It is advisable for those who are involved in initiating or conducting a research project to come with their research question

During the workshop

  • Working Lunch and refreshments would be provided
  • Please bring your own laptops for hands-on practice. Convenient charging points would be available. Laptops with 10-11 inch screen-size are NOT ideal for convenient handling of these software, though they do work; bigger screen sizes would be preferable.
  • Arrangements would be in place to provide wireless internet access at the workshop venue

* Please come by 8.45 am to install the software