Online Workshop on Crtical Appraisal

BVMC – CEU Christian Medical College, Vellore is organizing an Online workshop on Crtical Appraisal

Evidence-based healthcare is an integration of clinical expertise and experience with the best available latest high quality research evidence from systematic research and patient’s values and preferences into the decision making process for patient care.

It is fundamental to learn the skill to identify and critically appraise the best available evidence in order to integrate into your everyday clinical experience. This workshop is designed to provide a simple and easy approach to learn and apply the critical appraisal checklist for assessing the credibility of primary studies as well as systematic review and guidelines.

Program schedule

Date: November 9 – 20, 2020

Program schedule

Date: November 9 – 20, 2020

S. No Topic Speaker Time Date Comments
1 PICO overview of study designs Dr Thambu David 4.00 – 5.00pm Nov 9th , 2020 Lec-Dem
2 RCT Dr Sathish 4.00 -5.30pm Nov 10th, 2020 Lec-Dem
3 Cohort Dr Thambu David 4.00-5.30pm Nov 11th, 2020 Lec-Dem
4 Case-Control Dr Jaya Prakash Muliyil 4.00-5.30pm Nov 12th, 2020 Lec-Dem
5 Cross-sectional Dr Thambu David 4.00-5.30pm Nov 13th , 2020 Lec-Dem
6 Economic Dr Thambu David 4.00-5.30pm Nov 14th, 2020 Lec-Dem
7 Qualitative Study Dr Vignesh C 4.00-5.30pm Nov 16th, 2020 Lec-Dem
8 Diagnostic Test Dr. Abraham Peedicayil 4.00-5.30pm Nov 17th, 2020 Lec-Dem
9 Decision Analysis Dr. Jaya Prakash Muliyal 4.00-5.30pm Nov 18th, 2020 Lec-Dem
10 Systematic Review of RCT Dr. Prathap Tharyan 4.00-5.30pm Nov 19th, 2020 Lec-Dem
11 Guidelines Dr. Prathap Tharyan 4.00-5.30pm Nov 20th, 2020 Lec-Dem

Fees: Rs.6000/-

Register Online (For payments via NEFT Transfers)

Registration for CMC Staff/Students (Internal Transfer payments)

Registration will be closed when we reach a maximum of 25 registrations.

Confirmation of the Registration will be emailed to the participants within one week from the time of registration.

Pre and post course test & E certificate from Prof. B.V.Moses Centre for Evidence Informed Healthcare, Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Christian Medical College, Vellore will be issued.

CME Credit scores from Tamil Nadu Medical Council will be applied and forwarded.