Online Workshop on Basic Workshop on Systematic Review of Qualitative Research

Evidence synthesis research method is a key criterion for decision making. Traditional systematic review methods for comparative effectiveness of interventions have been debated for using the strict inclusion criteria with only RCT and not taking consideration of the context in which the intervention works. From a policy maker’s point of view finding a generalization solution for a real life problem  becomes difficult. Therefore, qualitative studies and reviews of qualitative studies can play an important role to study the context or the phenomena by taking the various perspectives of the users into account.

The workshop is designed to provide an introduction to the principles of conducting,interpreting and critically appraising qualitative studies and evidence syntheses.


Feb 15, 2021 Introduction to Qualitative Study Dr.Thambu David
Feb 16, 2021 Critical Appraisal of a Qualitative Study Dr.Prathap Tharyan
Feb 17, 2021 Risk Of Bias  Qualitative Study(Casp-Tool) Dr.Prathap Tharyan
Feb 18, 2021  Qualitative Systematic Reviews
(Spider ;Spice Frame Work )
Richard Kirubakaran
Feb 19, 2021 Data Extraction and Synthesis Richard Kirubakaran
Feb 20, 2021 Critical Appraisal of a Qualitative Systematic Review Dr.Prathap Tharyan

Course duration: (Monday to Saturday): 4 PM to 5 :30PM

Fees :

  • Faculty Rs. 2000
  • Student Rs. 1500

Registration Closed

Maximum: 20  participants)

E certificate from Prof. B.V.Moses Centre for Evidence Informed Healthcare , Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Christian Medical College, Vellore.