Online, Systematic Review Protocol Development workshop, for Randomized control Trials

Conducted by the BVMC Centre (Formerly Cochrane South Asia Centre) –
Clinical Epidemiology Unit – Christian Medical College – Vellore 632002

The BVMC Centre is conducting an Online Course on Protocol Development workshop for Randomized Controlled Studies.  Systematic reviews are a form of knowledge synthesis and development of immediate data analysis in which few components of the systematic review process are simplified or few rigorous methodologies are omitted to produce information in a timely manner”. The methods used to develop a Systematic review are almost same to the methods used when undertaking a systematic review.   This online course will help you to come out with a specific title and then summarizing results.  The online course will help you to learn the sequence of the development of a protocol for a Systematic Review step by step.

  • Basic of regular and Systematic SRs
  • Focus on observational studies SRs
  • Search, Data extraction, Risk of Bias, Data analysis , GRADE and publication will be covered
  • Beginners and Experienced SR authors are welcome
  • We are willing to help you with a review-Systematic or Regular, after the workshop, Costs for this assistance are on our website @

Date: Jan 4 – 19, 2020

Duration:  This online course will be a 14 day course with 1:30 hours of session each day.

Time: 4.00 PM TO 5.3O PM


Class Date Module Time Faculty
1 Jan 4 Introduction to EBM 4.00-5.30 Dr.PrathapTharyan
2 Jan 5 Overview of Systematic review and meta-analysis 4.00-5.30 Dr.PrathapTharyan
3 Jan 6 Protocol DevelopmentPart A: Principles 4.00-5.30 Dr.Mohan Kamath
4 Jan 7 Part B: Example and Participant PICO 4.00-5.30 Dr.Mohan Kamath
5 Jan 8 Developing Search StrategiesPart A: Principles, 4.00-5.30 Jabez Paul
6 Jan 9 Part B: Practical’s, Zotero 4.00-5.30 Jabez Paul
7 Jan 11 Data Extraction:Part A Principles 4.00-5.30 Richard Kirubakaran
8 Jan 12 Data Extraction:Part B: Practical’s 4.00-5.30 Richard Kirubakaran
9 Jan 13 Risk of Bias Assessment Part A: Principles 4.00-5.30 Dr.Thambu David
10 Jan 14 Risk of Bias Assessment Part B: Practical’s 4.00-5.30 Dr.Thambu David
11 Jan 15 Data Synthesis :Part A: Principles 4.00-5.30 Richard Kirubakaran
12 Jan 16 Part B: practical 4.00-5.30 Richard Kirubakaran
13 Jan 18 GRADEPart A:Principles 4.00-5.30 Dr.PrathapTharyan
14 Jan 19 Part B: practical 4.00-5.30 Dr.PrathapTharyan


  • Systematic reviews no accepted for promotion by MCI
  • First online course in India, SE Asia
  • 14 classes
  • Lectures
  • Hands on -Online practicals
  • Fee Rs10000
  • Participants get 2000 Rs reduction for COVIDENCE workshop

Registration and payment:

Registration can be done by submitting your details online and making your payments online using the links provided below.  You will be notified in two to three days’ time after the receipt of the payment and the confirmation of the registration will be given.  You will be notified on the technical installations and the agenda of the Workshop to your respective emails.

Fees: Rs. 10000 /-

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30 participants

Confirmation of the Registration will be emailed to the participants within one week from the time of registration.

Pre and post course test & E certificate from Prof. B.V.Moses Centre for Evidence Informed Healthcare, Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Christian Medical College, Vellore will be issued.