About us

IndiaCLEN, one of the seven regional networks of INCLEN (International Clinical Epidemiology Network) is registered as a non-profit health research network with the registrar of societies at Trivandrum, Kerala since 1991. Beginning with membership of 45 INCLEN trained fellows in clinical epidemiology, health economics, biostatistics and health social sciences, IndiaCLEN currently has about 275 members. The core unit of the IndiaCLEN is the Clinical Epidemiological Units (CEU) established in select medical colleges to support the dissemination and application of clinical epidemiological principles in the education/research activities of the respective medical colleges.

The CEU CMC Vellore was started in 1994 in its current location, the basement of the ASHA building in the CMC Town Campus. Dr AM Cherian was the first head of this department.

We have also a Project started by Prof Prathap Tharyan-the BV Moses Centre for evidence informed health care. This project focuses on Systematic Reviews. http://www.bvmc.in/

Our Mission Statement

“We are dedicated to improving the health of the people by promoting clinical practice based on the best evidence of effectiveness and the efficient use of resources. We achieve this through a network of physicians, biostatisticians and social scientists who work together to build and sustain institutional capacity for excellence and relevance in research and medical education”